SuppleMentors 自學補零求

SuppleMentors 自學補零求

 Online Learning Platform for Dietary Supplements

Programme Information and Enrollment 

This e-learning platform allows you to learn more about some popular dietary supplements in our daily life.



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About Supplementors Online Learning Platform


  1. “Students as Partners” : BPharm students can take the initiative and ownership to improve their learning environment. During the learning process, they can also polish and enhance their leadership skills, communication skills and organisation skills.
  2. Promote teaching and learning of basic knowledge about the dietary supplements commonly used in daily life for all HKU students.
  3. HKU students with science and medical background can gain more competent knowledge on selected dietary supplements in an advanced difficulty.
  4. The online learning materials developed can benefit not only the current cohort of students but also prospective students in the future.
  5. Students can build up self-directed learning skills by self-managing and self-evaluating their own learning journey.


  1. To engage Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) students as partners to create an E-learning platform to facilitate teaching and learning in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).
  2. To facilitate basic understanding in CAM for all students in University of Hong Kong (HKU) and foster knowledge in advanced level for all students with science and medical background.
  3. To promote self-directed learning through E-learning platform, which may be potentially extrapolated to other learning discipline in the future.
  4. To act as a complement the current undergraduate curriculum in the area of CAM which contributes to the improvement in course design in the future.

Who Might Be Interested?

  • Public who are interested in dietary supplements
  • Students/ Professionals in Healthcare sectors

Major Medium of Instruction

  • Cantonese for training videos
  • Chinese questions in assessments

Module Overview

There are six topics in total:

• Curcumin                • Probiotic

• Coenzyme Q10       • Glucosamine

Elderberry               • Collagen 

What do I do on this platform?

On this platform, you will be able to access all six modules of the programme “Supplementors”.  

Within each module page, you will be able to do the following: 

  • Watch videos of the selected topics.
  • Complete assessments
  • Review assessments

Training videos and assessments are the two components that you have to complete in each module. Please note that some modules may contain more than one video and quiz.

Remember to finish all quizzes after each video

Completion of all modules will be rewarded with Certificate of Completion.